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Tideview Estates Condominium Association

(UNOFFICIAL Site for the Owners and Residents of Tideview Estates, Dover, NH since April 2006)

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Audit/Review of 2015 Financials Available: Audit/Review of 2015 Financials

2016 DoorWindow Replacement Program

Interesting Article: Condo-fee foreclosures become headache for homeowners .pdf

Updated Rules and Regulations: TVC Rules and Regulations Revised 5-25-2015.pdf

Owners, please note:  New FHA certification rules hamper condo sales, refinancings: LA Times Article

The Board has decided to change the required color of the front entrance door to match that of the garage door.  In the future, any repainting of either the front door or the garage door should be made using the color described as "Tideview Estates Garage Door" at the Sherwin-Williams store on Central Ave. in Dover (at the North end near Weeks Crossing.)  There is no need at this time to repaint the front door merely to change the color.

The Association, through it's insurance, is responsible for repairs to the interior of units due to water damage -- no matter what the source of that water.  However, payment of the Association's insurance deductible for Water/Ice damage (currently $5,000/unit) is the responsibility of the owner(s) of the unit(s) suffering the damage.  Owner's homeowner/condominium (HO-6) insurance policies will cover the deductible.  The rules are as follows:


1.  If the damage is less than or equal to $5,000 (the Association's insurance deductible), the owner is financially responsible for all repairs.  Normally, the owner pays their HO-6 deductible and their insurance covers the rest.  However, If they don't have insurance, then they pay for all repairs out-of-pocket.


2.  If the damage is greater than $5,000, then the owner (and their insurance) is responsible for the first $5,000 and the Association's insurance is responsible for the balance.


Remember, water damage repair coverage is essentially "no fault."  It doesn't matter where the water came from; the owner(s) of the unit(s) suffering the damage is responsible for paying the Association's insurance deductible for damage repairs.


Note:  The deductible for insurable events other than Water/Ice is $5,000 per incident(see below).


Note:  If the source of the water is classified as a "flood", then the deductible is $25,000.

Grills and Barbeques must not be operated within fifteen feet of units.  Damage to Association buildings or fences will be the financial responsibility of the unit owner.  In addition, if the City of Dover gets involved, the unit owner is subject to cost reimbursement fees and/or fines.  

Dover Fire Department Letter -- May 2011


Board Letter on Barbeque Grills (released Oct 2008)

Reminder:  Your condo/homeowners HO-6 policy need only have $5K building coverage.  In the event of a loss, the association's insurance covers the building and all installed features (walls, doors, windows, cabinets, carpets, electrical and plumbing fixtures, boiler, stove, etc.)  Your insurance only needs to pay the $5K deductible.  On the other hand, you are responsible for coverage on all of your personal belongings and for loss of use.


The 'rule of thumb' is that the Association's insurance covers everything that was in your empty unit the day you moved in, before you brought in your personal belongings.  Coverage is only applicable in the event of a defined loss; routine maintenance and replacement due to wear and tear remains the owner's responsibility. 


The Association's flood insurance has a $25K deductible. 


Letter Regarding Insurance Coverage:Insurance Agent, Aug 23 2010.pdf

Tideview Estates pages on Evergreen Management Web Site: Association Web Page Jun 23 2009.pdf 



The Board of Directors "normally" meets the third Wednesday of every month, except for April (where it's combined with the annual owners' meeting), July, and December.


Board of Directors:

Property Management: 
Evergreen Management, Inc.
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