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Tideview Estates Condominium Association

(UNOFFICIAL Site for the Owners and Residents of Tideview Estates, Dover, NH since April 2006)

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Units for sale (as listed in the MLS):

108 Tideview Dr. -- $154.9K


72 Tideview Dr. -- $156.9K


48 Tideview Dr. -- $157.9K


64 Tideview Dr. -- $169.9K


Zillow Query:  Units (and comparables) Recently Sold

Units Recently Sold (Selling price calculated from state transfer taxes paid):

57 Tideview Dr., April 13, 2017, $153.9K

10 Tideview Dr., October 27, 2016, $154.8K

35 Tideview Dr., September 22, 2016, $154.9K

96 Tideview Dr., September 1, 2016, $152.5K

104 Tideview Dr., August 22, 2016, $137.5K

29 Tideview Dr., July 13, 2016, $152K

Note: Sales for earlier periods are included in Sales Reports available at the City of Dover Assessors web page: